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Divorce, desertion and death have left many in our society and in the church as single parents. They are often under financial and emotional strain and in need of significant assistance.


Our Single Parent Alliance for Raising Kids (SPARK) ministry meets this great need. This ministry allows the existing family to stay together during their recovery as changes are made.


Some single parents have a vocation or skills to continue supporting themselves and their families. However, many are without these capabilities. The SPARK ministry allows single parents to go to school or learn a vocation while maintaining priority focus on faithfulness to God and their children. Housing, Christian counseling, and Life skills training classes are provided.


We supply the basics for them -- housing here on campus, utilities, and non-perishable foods, and counseling. This is a goal-oriented program, meaning we expect the single parents to have goals in several areas of their life. We help each parent establish these goals, goals which will help them reach the ultimate goal of being able to support their family independently of PCH&FM. Then we encourage and guide them to reach those goals. In return they are expected to abide by the campus rules and to work toward their goals.


If this program looks like something you would be able to work with, please complete the Application and signature page. We use this information to determine whether our program is suitable for you. When we have a vacancy and after we have evaluated the application, we contact an applicant to set up an interview here on campus.


We hold applications for six months. We will follow-up with you when a vacancy occurs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write to me at any time.


The S.P.A.R.K. Guidelines give you an idea of what the program offers for its participants and also, what PCH&FM expects from the participants.


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